"Together we can ensure a clear, articulate voice for the fine minds of the future"

Nicky Browne

The Mighty Oak Mission

That every child has the opportunity to become a confident, clear, articulate speaker with a commanding presence.

The aim of The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme is that every child leaving primary school will know how to address an audience in an articulate, engaging manner, using all their public speaking tools.

The focus within the programme is absolutely on delivery and less on what to say. To that end, in the most part, we give the pupils the words, freeing them up to work on delivery without having to think about creating content.

Our Services

We believe that every child leaving your school should be able to address an audience in a clear, confident, articulate manner. We know that this is a skill they will carry with them for life.

We will teach your teachers how to incorporate this programme into the very heart of school life. Every assembly, every performance, every communication, every day. Your pupils will know only one way to speak in public - with a strong commanding presence. We start the programme at 6yrs old so that by 11yrs old the children are confident, articulate speakers.


“We are very much enjoying the programme so far in Year 4, the children really benefit from the video lessons. We've just finished lesson 5, and hope to finish the last lesson very soon. We will then start to focus on the competition and picking the children for each role. .

—  Class Teacher

Competition Results

Winners have been announced!

See what students who have gone through the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programmes have achieved.