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Public Speaking Training for Schools

Cultural Capital:


Public Speaking Skills are part of the essential knowledge children need to be educated citizens. 

This feeds into the new Ofsted framework which requires schools to develop cultural capital. 

Public Speaking Training for Schools

The aim of The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme is that every child leaving primary school will know how to address an audience in an articulate, engaging manner, using all their public speaking tools.


The focus within the programme is absolutely on delivery and less on what to say.  To that end, in the most part, we give the pupils the words, freeing them up to work on delivery without having to think about creating content.

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Mighty Oak Mission 

To close the social mobility gap through giving each child their very own public speaking tools….

….to have and to use, forever!


Year 4 Competition 

The  winning teams


A high standard of training is given to teachers ensuring they are empowered and confident to teach the programme


Whole School Programme  / Competition Entry