Year 4 Competition

The Year 4 Competition Programme, in partnership with the English-Speaking Union,  has been running since 2017. It has expanded each year, with more schools and pupils enjoying the benefits of the training programme.  This culminates in a competition in Anglia Ruskin University, where the pupils have a platform to practise their public speaking skills. 

The 2021 competition will be run online.

To enter the 2021 competition, please contact Rebecca Curry 

The 2021 competition has moved to an online platform. Schools will receive 6 lessons in the form of fun, interactive, animated videos. Each lesson is taught by our founder, Nicky Browne, and facilitated by teachers. 

The competition entry is by video. 

Full details will be sent  upon application. 

"What a wonderful day it was. I was so proud of the team and they are still beaming now. It was a lot of work but it paid off massively. The standard was so high I thought many of the teams could have won it. Your workshops were so motivating I am not surprised to see such high quality.

Thank you once again for organising such a fantastic event."

Year 4 Competition in Pictures 

Our Mission

Our mission is a journey (workshops) with a destination (competition) 

The workshops take each child on this journey of self discovery to learn how to use their voice in a confident way, foster a love of public speaking, and realise their capability as good public speakers. 

The competition is that platform where we see the social mobility gap narrowing.