This is a

Judged Role 

The Speaker makes the speech for the Team. 

A good speaker will have a powerful and  impactful opening and move straight to the middle of the room as they deliver their opening line. 

The Speaker will usually make about two points, moving their speaking space on each of the points, and return to the middle to deliver their 'call to action' close. 

The Speaker then listens very carefully to all questions asked by the opposite team and the floor, and responds using all the tools of public speaking they have learned in the workshops. 

An effective speech will have 

1 - A strong and impactful opening (using the 9 second rule)

2 - Two clear points - delivered in two different speaking spaces 

3 - A strong call to action close 

4 - A commanding presence throughout

An effective Speaker will: 

Listen carefully to all questions asked

Respond politely

Thank the Chair and the Questioners