This is a 

Judged Role 

The team questioner listens very carefully to the other teams speech and decides on a good 'open' question to ask. 

A good questioner will be like an interviewer, asking the question that many people are wondering. 


A good questioner is 'on the side of the speaker' allowing them to expand more on their subject as a result of their very good and interesting question. 

A good questioner will be very aware of where they stand.  

They need to partly face the Speaker and partly face the audience. 

A good questioner will be aware that their voice needs to be strong and very clear so that everyone can hear them. 

This is on outline of what the questioner says: 

1 - Thank you (name of speaker) for your _____________ speech

2 - You mentioned / I liked when you said ____________________, my   question is: ________________________

3 - The questioner may like to encourage the speaker to expand further or may wish to finish,  say thank you and return to the seat.