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Poetry Line Reader 

This is a

non-judged role 

There is a poetry competition run as part of the Year 4 Public Speaking Competition.  The winning poem is shared with all the schools and each school picks a poetry line reader, who recites one line of the winning poem.  


This role is perfect for developing confidence.  The line to be read out is given in plenty of time, to enable the poetry line reader to practice.  


The Poetry Line Reader will have the opportunity to say one line, well rehearsed, in front of an audience.  This role is not judged and can be given to any pupil in the class. 

The Poetry Line reader will know to step forward and say the line of the poem in a strong clear voice, using all the tools of public speaking.  Then to step back (indicating to the next Poetry Line Reader that it is their turn).  There is a full rehearsal for this on the day of the competition.