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The Team 

This is a 

Judged Role 

The Chair Person manages the Team during the competition.  Their job is to keep the session moving.  They introduce the team member, telling everyone a little about each person, the role they will play and when it is their turn to speak. 


The Chair Person is organised and thinks on their feet. They are a good listener and pay close attention when their speaker is being asked a question. A very good Chair Person will remember to use a question asked, in their summary. 

The Script below gives an outline of what the Chair says throughout the session.

1 - Good morning

My name is _______________

I am the Chair of (name of school team)

Our team believe _________________________

2 - Today __________________ will be our speaker

She/He is (an interesting fact about the speaker)

 And today _________________ will be our questioner

She/He is (an interesting fact about the questioner)

To start us off, please welcome ________________!

3 - Thank you, 

We will now take questions. 

First from (Name of questioner from other school)

Thank you! 

Now we will take a question from the floor. 


Thank you!

4 - To summarise...... 

 Thank you