3.    Kindness is key

4.    Healthy eating is important

5.    Everyone should learn a second language

6.    Bullies should get extra homework


8.    Playtime should be extended by thirty more minutes

9.    Fizzy drinks should be for over eighteens only

10.    The world would be better without cars

11.    Children should not be allowed to use the internet

12.    Everyone in the world needs to speak English

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2020 Public Speaking Competition  

13.    School uniforms should be optional

14.    Good manners are important

15.    School should start at 10am


17.    Children should have a say in school planning

18.    Giraffe poo makes great compost 

19.    The arts should be taught more in school

20.    Teachers should have to wear uniforms

21.    You should have to pass a test to own an animal 

22.    All pupils should have a laptop instead of a pen and paper

23.    Tests should be banned

24.    We should be allowed to paint and decorate our classroom

25.    Other