The Competition

The competition is designed to recognise excellence in both achievement and progress. 

Best Overall Speaker 

This award goes to the overall best speaker.  We take all aspects of creation, structure and delivery into account.  We look for excellent use of the four tools of public speaking and evidence of learning. 

Best Points within a speech

This award goes to the person who demonstrates clarity and authenticity in delivering their points.  

Best link line

This award goes to the person who demonstrates understanding and 'flair' when linking two points.  We look for evidence of using all tools of public speaking. 

Teachers/ Parent Award

A teacher or parent can nominate any pupil for this certificate. We invite all teachers or parents (guardians) to let us know of any pupil who, in their opinion, is deserving of this certificate for any public speaking related reason whatsoever. 

Best commanding presence

This award goes to the person who demonstrates a strong commanding presence throughout  the  delivery of their speech.  We look for a confident stance before, during and at the close of the speech.