Mighty Oak Programme Cost
Option:  Individual Class Programme

Staff Training                       - £300  Remember you can divide this across MATs

Equipment                          - £70    (one set of equipment can be shared throughout the school)

Manuals                             - £30     per year group

Workbook for Year 6 only   - £10    (can be photocopied)

Training Video                    - £30    per year group

* For Multi Academy Trusts or schools working in partnerships, training cost can be divided between the schools. (The training takes place in one venue, with a maximum of 30 attendees and billed to lead school.)

Training Plan

The class teacher will receive the manual with a scheme of work showing detailed lesson plans for every activity within every lesson. All scripts to be used and all teaching points are carefully laid out in a clear, simple and easy to follow format.

There are clear video examples of each activity in every lesson showing structure, layout and intended outcomes.


In School Staff Training Sessions

A highly qualified trainer will come to the school and conduct a fully interactive and informative training session. Every teacher experiences for themselves, and learns how to teach, the four tools of public speaking. This is a fun, high energy and interactive session.