How to sign up

I will set you up with a programme to suit your school(s)

When you sign up for the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programme, we undertake to work with you with the specific aim of embedding a very high standard of public speaking in your school for both pupils and staff.    This programme makes no assumption that the teacher starts as a confident Public Speaking teacher. However, it does strive to bring the teacher along on that journey!


The staff training is designed to be interactive and develops each staff member where they're at with their own public speaking ability. The continuity ensures that they become increasingly more confident.  

We work as a team;  The Head Teacher, The Staff and The Trainer. 


What we ask of you, the Head Teacher is to: 

1 - Secure the training day for your staff

2 - Ensure that each class teacher gets an hour a week of hall time for a period of 5 weeks  (6 for year 6)

What we ask of your Teachers is to:

1 - Attend the training

2 - Read the manual 

3 - Watch the short training video in advance of each lesson

4 - Let the trainer know immediately if they are in need of any help. 
       (email address supplied to all)

What we ask of our Trainer is to: 

1 - Give excellent, inclusive, interactive training

2 - Empower the teachers to teach the programme

3 - Be available to address any difficulties on the journey


The next steps are:


1 -   Secure a staff training day.  You will receive the equipment you need to run the programme and the access code for the video training.


2 - Allocate the staff their hall time (this is very important). 


3 - Once these dates are established, we diary forward to make sure that everything is running smoothly with each class teacher. (This is discussed and established at the training session.)

4 - You will be sent the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Logo to add to your website.  

5 - You will be presented with the Accreditation Certificate at the end of the year.  This is renewed on an annual basis. This can be presented in front of a parent body, at an assembly or sent to you - whichever suits you best. 

Subsequent Years


To ensure the high standard, there is mandatory staff training at the beginning of each new academic year. The format is the same. 


We work as a team.  The Headteacher allocates each class teacher their hall time. 


We check-in to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  


You retain the logo.


You get presented with a renewal certificate, to be presented to the school as desired. 

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