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We believe that every child leaving your school can know how to address an audience in a clear, confident, articulate manner.   We know that this is a skill they will carry with them for life. 

We will teach your teachers how to incorporate this programme into the very heart of school life. 

Every assembly, every performance, every communication, everyday.


Your pupils will know only one way to speak in public  - with a strong commanding presence.  

We start the programme at 6yrs old, so that by 11yrs old, the children are confident, articulate speakers. 

We will train your staff either in person or through online video training and a carefully created manual to accompany each lesson.  

We offer annual continual professional development training for your teachers with the option of whole staff, individual staff or groups of staff training.  

This programme is designed for children aged 6-11 yrs old.  A trainer will come to your school and train your entire staff through an interactive, upbeat, empowering workshop.  By the end of the workshop your staff will know how the programme will impact the whole school, and they will be confident to implement it for their own class.  All staff will be aware of the high standard expected throughout the school (all staff are welcome to the training).  You will receive a manual for each class and all relevant equipment needed.   


We will take care of on-going training for the subsequent 5 years to ensure continuity throughout the school

This programme is designed for children aged 6-11yrs (8-9 and 10-11 are complete   and the remaining classes are in progress - to be released soon) Within the online version of the Mighty Oak public speaking programme , all lessons are taught by Nicky Browne the founder and the class teacher facilitates. 


There is an international competition associated with the programme, which all pupils are invited to participate in.  Your teachers get an in-depth manual and /or video training  to accompany the programmes.   There is 100% online support for each of the online programmes.

   £1128                 The Whole School In-Person Programme

   Click here           The Whole School In-Person Programme Follow Up Costs


   Click here           The Whole School In-Person Programme Individual Class Options


   Click here           8-9 years In-Person at the University Competition Cost 1/2/3 team entry  

   £280                   8-9 years Online Programme Cost

   £50                     8-9 years Online Competition Additional Team Entry Cost

   £230                  10-11 years Online Programme Cost

   £7                      10-11 years Online Competition Additional Pupil Entry cost