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Online Programme

Year 4:  (8-9yrs)
6 week module  - 
1 hour once a week in the school hall. 


The Mighty Oak public speaking programme provides each class teacher with the completed lessons in the form of vibrant, interactive online videos.  The lessons are taught by Nicky Browne, the founder, and facilitated by the class teacher.  The programme comes with a teacher training manual.


The lessons focus on confident public speaking and work towards an online team competition.  There are 9 on a team, with 3 of the roles not judged, allowing the teacher to choose pupils who would benefit from the confidence of ‘being on a team’, without comprising the competitive element of the competition. The roles taught in this module are:  Chairperson, Speaker, Questioners x2, Captain, MC1, MC2, Master of set and stage and Master of sound and technology. The teachers are strongly encouraged to try every single child for a role. 

Year 6 (10-11yrs)- Click here for more information

Year 5 (9-10 years) - Under Construction

Year 3 (7-8 years) - Under Construction

Year 2 (6-7 years) - Under Construction

In-Person Programme

We will work with your Year 4 teacher and your Year 4 class. 

There will be two preparation workshops before the competition, ensuring that the class, the teacher and the team are fully prepared. You have a direct link to us by email and we are always there for any help along the way. 

This programme is as much about confidence building as public speaking.

We have 4 places on the team directly related to confidence building.

This one minute video will give you an overview of how the programme works.

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