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These modules are designed to:

Empower your teachers to teach the Mighty Oak public speaking programme

Empower your teachers to further develop their own public speaking skills


Build confident teachers and confident pupils

Embed a high standard of public speaking within your school


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2 hours

'Will you say a few words?': How to create and deliver a speech

The objective of this training session is to empower the teachers to use their own public speaking skills in making an excellent, well structured speech. The techniques we use serve in all speech creating and delivering situations, whether in or out of school.  By the end of the session, your staff will know how to create, remember and deliver a short speech, the template for which has a life-time guarantee. 

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding fear of public speaking - what to do about it

  • Making your points

  • Creating a clear code

  • Opening a speech - the 9 second rule

  • Delivering your speech with impact