Staff Training


These modules are designed to:

Empower your teachers to teach the Mighty Oak public speaking programme

Empower your teachers to further develop their own public speaking skills


Build confident teachers and confident pupils

Embed a high standard of public speaking within your school


Choose the combination of modules to suit your needs

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1 hour

Refresher training 1 'Remember'

The objective of this training session is to ensure that your staff remember why and how we use the Mighty Oak public speaking programme.  We understand that there may be new staff members and that some staff will have changed classes. The trainer will take this into account throughout the workshop.  All staff members will be actively involved.  The staff are encouraged to discuss their experiences with the programme in the past year.

Topics covered include:

Why we teach public speaking

What makes the programme work

The 4 tools of public speaking

Interactive session - everyone speaking

The teachers' tool kit - how to use resources for your class

The new online programme