Training for Teachers 

The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme is an opportunity for your pupils to develop the skills needed for effective public speaking. They will become more confident in speaking in the classroom, and give them techniques which will become embedded in their daily life.


Outstanding training for your teachers:
For many teachers, Public Speaking is a very different and daunting subject to teach.  We are mindful of this, and take good care to ensure each teacher is empowered to take on this programme in a confident way. 


Every teacher will be in a different 'place' and to that end, we have three elements to the teacher training programme:

The Manual
Each manual has the full scheme of work and lesson plans for every single lesson. This is very easy to follow, colour coded and consistent throughout the school. 

Training Videos
Every lesson throughout the programme is introduced, the objective made clear and the activities demonstrated with live class demonstrations. Once the teacher has taught the lesson once or twice, there is plenty of scope to make this 'their own', and each teacher is encouraged to use their own teaching style.
The teachers have full access to the whole training programme, with a fast access option to go directly to specific parts of the lesson.

Staff Training
A trainer comes to your school and works with the staff.  This is divided into demonstrations, live group practice and one on one care where needed.
Material for School Teachers participating in the Programme is password protected.

​If you require access to this section, please contact Nicky Browne


"We care that The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme

is always in safe, confident hands"

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