The Poetry Competition 

Public Speaking Competition 2021

Poem title

'Public Speaking'


Poem must be10 lines long exactly 

Can be hand written with pictures 


Typed with images/pictures 

All on one page 

The best 3 poems from each class are entered into the competition. An experienced panel of judges will pick the best poem.  This decision will be made on the 7th December 2020.  It is worth remembering that the winning poem will be read out by representatives from each  participating school and the judges will be keeping this in mind as they make their decision

General information: 

We have a poetry competition every year.  The winning poem is sent out to all the schools participating in the competition.  Each school is then allocated a line of the winning poem.  The responsibility of learning that line is the job of the poetry line reader for the team.  The poetry line reader has to deliver that one line using all the tools of public speaking.  

The winning poet is invited along to the competition (as an extra 'team member').  The winning poem is duplicated and framed three times.  The winning poet will present a framed copy of their poem as they introduce each Judge on the day of the competition.   The winning poem is also put on the back of the programme for everyone to see. 

Very well deserved congratulations to all our previous winning poets. 

Elijah poem .jpg
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