About the competition 

The Year 4 Public Speaking Competition is held annually at Anglia Ruskin University
This is run in partnership with the
English Speaking Union

The year 4 class is given two half day workshops.  These are action packed, fun and provide each child, regardless of ability, the opportunity to explore their own voice.  They learn about excellent eye contact, gestures and how to move in their speaking space.  Everyone is speaking and moving all the time.

The second workshop looks at the competition.  There are seven positions on a Public Speaking Team.  Four of these positions are not judged and designed especially for confidence building.  These roles include:

The Captain: The job of the captain is to introduce themselves and their team to the audience and to share the school motto.  This is a perfect starter platform for any child who might not thrive in a more competitive role.

The Poetry Line reader: There is a poetry competition run as part of the Year 4 Public Speaking Competition.  The winning poem is shared with all the schools and each school picks a poetry line reader, who recites one line of the winning poem.  This role is perfect for developing confidence.  The line to be read out is given in plenty of time, to enable the poetry line reader to practice.  The winning poet is invited to the competition and presents a framed copy of the poem to each of the judges.

The Word Master: This is a new role and has been developed to take place on the day.  Each school is given a word and the job of the word master is to work with the team and put the word into a sentence.  They then come to the front with all the other teams 'word masters' and deliver their word and sentence to the audience.  This activity takes place as the judges are deliberating. 

The Manager: There are 10 managerial roles on each day of the competition.  Some of these are 'speaking roles' some are 'non-speaking roles'.  Each of the speaking roles are scripted, practised and delivered with the utmost professionalism.

The three judged roles are:


The Chair: Introduces the team and tells us a bit about them.  The chair then coordinates the session, calling for questions, thanking the audience and making a summary.

The Speaker: Makes the speech on behalf of the team.  The speaker then listens very carefully to the questions posed by both the opposite team and the floor.  

The Questioner: Listens very carefully to the other team's speaker.  The Questioner thanks the speaker (by name) and poses well constructed questions. 

The judges deliberate after the speeches, then share their thoughts and give advice - and finally announce the winners!

Each team gets a certificate and medals are awarded to:

First, Second and Third place
Best Speaker, Best Chair, Best Questioner
Personality Prize

A truly wonderful experience for all!

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