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Welcome to the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programme

We believe that every child leaving primary school can know how to have a clear, articulate speaking voice with a  strong commanding presence. 


This is the absolute focus of the programme and we have designed it specifically with you, the teacher in mind.  The scheme of work, the lesson plans and the teaching is all complete.  Your role is to facilitate, encourage and reward. 


There are 6 lessons. We recommend an hour a week of hall time. 

The programme leads to a competition; by the end of the 6th lesson, you and your class will be more than prepared for the competition. 

The heartbeat of our public speaking programme is to give every child the opportunity to become a confident speaker.  Inclusion is key. 

No matter the abilities of the children in other subjects , every child can succeed in these lessons. 

We aim to help every child reach their potential with confidence.


One hour, once a week, for six weeks

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Whole class programme

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Taught by Nicky Browne, founder. Facilitated by the class teacher


Leads to an international online competition programme

The programme comes with a comprehensive teacher training manual. There is full online support. 

Training Manual - Mighty Oak PS competit
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Each class will submit a competition entry.  

There are 9 on a public speaking team.  

The team are videoed as they present to the biggest allowable local audience 


6 roles are judged: 

  • Captain 

  • Chairperson

  • Speaker 

  • Questioner 1

  • Questioner 2

  • Master of Ceremonies 2 


3 roles are not judged (created for confidence building) 

  • Master of Ceremonies 1 (a speaking role)

  • Master of sound and technology (a non-speaking role)

  • Master of set and stage (a non-speaking role)

Click here for the Judging criteria.

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Click on the button to see the Board of Honours for the 8-9 Years Online Competition 

Click on the button to see the Board of Honours for the 8-9 Years Online Poetry Competition 

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