Confident speaking and competition programme for 8-9 year olds
Our Belief
How the programme works

Welcome to the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programme

We believe that every child leaving primary school can know how to have a clear, articulate speaking voice with a  strong commanding presence. 


This is the absolute focus of the programme and we have designed it specifically with you, the teacher in mind.  There are five lessons. We recommend an hour a week of hall time. 

The Year 4 Competition Programme has been running since 2017. 

The Competition programme dovetails with this confident speaking programme. 

As a school undertaking the Mighty Oak Public Speaking Programme,  you are warmly invited to enter your class into the in-person competition up at the local university,  where the pupils have a platform to practise their public speaking skills.

The heartbeat of our public speaking programme is to give every child the opportunity to become a confident speaker.  Inclusion is key. 

No matter the abilities of the children in other subjects , every child can succeed in these lessons. 

We aim to help every child reach their potential with confidence.

Each class will submit a competition entry.  

There are 7 on a public speaking team.  

The competition takes place at Anglia Ruskin University.


3 roles are judged: ​

  • Chairperson

  • Speaker 

  • Questioner


4 roles are not judged (created for confidence building) 

  • Manager

  • Poetry line reader

  • Captain

  • Word Master

Click on the button to be directed to the teacher information pack, where you will have access to everything you need to enter the competition.

Step 1   Email our office & book your staff training session by clicking the button on the left/above

Step 2   You will be invoiced by the office

Step 3   You will be alerted for annual follow up training for five years


One hour, once a week, for five weeks

whole class.png

Whole class programme

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Taught by the class teacher

Staff training by Nicky Browne


Every child receives a certificate for something they've achieved

2 workshops x 2 hours


1 online workshop and
1 in-person workshop

Whole class programme

Taught by a trainer who comes to teach your class

Leads to a team competition in a local university

Step 1   Email our office to book workshops for your class

Step 2   You will be invoiced by the office

Step 3   Enjoy the workshops - you and the trainer will have your

             class well prepared for the competition

How the competition

programme works 

At the competition

in the local 


Click on the button to see the In Person Competition Honours Board

Click on the button to see the In Person Poetry Competition Honours Board