The Speech Programme for 10-11 years
Online Programme

Welcome to The Speech Programme

We are very proud to launch 'The Speech' an online programme for children aged 10-11yrs. 


If you want every child leaving your class to know how to speak in a clear, confident, articulate manner,  to have a commanding presence, to know how to sort out their words, how to create and deliver a well structured speech, then this is the course for you and for your class. 


In this programme we focus on how to create and deliver an excellent speech.   

The scheme of work, the lesson plans and the teaching is all complete.  

Your role, as the teacher, is to facilitate, encourage and reward. 


The heartbeat of our public speaking programme is to give every child the opportunity to become a confident speaker.  Inclusion is key. 

No matter the abilities of the children in other subjects , every child can succeed in these lessons. 

We aim to help every child reach their potential with confidence. 

How the programme works
About the programme
The 5 Lessons

The competition is designed to recognise success in both achievement and progress. All videos submitted will be watched by one or more of our panel of judges and you will be notified of the results which are also announced on the website.  Your school will be entered onto the honours board on the website.  


Certificates are issued in line with what you require for your class. 

The teachers award is personalised to your specifications.

The deadline for competition entries is Monday 5th July 2021. 

Step 1          Go to the online programme landing page by clicking the button on the left/above

Step 2        Sign in - this gives you your own access to your programme for your class and lasts for a year

Step 3         Use the payment buttons to pay for the programme

About The Speech programme

There are 5 lessons. We recommend an hour a week of hall time. 

The programme leads to a competition; by the end of the 5th lesson, you and your class will be more than prepared for the competition. The programme comes with a training video, a teacher training manual and full online support .


Leads to an international online competition programme

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Taught by Nicky Browne, founder. Facilitated by the class teacher

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Whole class programme


One hour, once a week, for six weeks

The Cost

The Speech Whole Programme £230

The Competition - 1 competition entry with the programme. Additional entries £7 each.

The Rules

1- All speeches must be in English. 


2 -  All speeches must be 2-3 minutes long. 


3 - All topics must be age appropriate.


4 - Speakers, who are not opting for having a formal introduction must say their name and the title of their speech prior to starting (this is best done in a different speaking space)


A Speaker can be introduced by another person. 

(see how to make an excellent introduction)  


5 - Where possible, all speakers must stand to speak. 


6 - When moving to a new speaking space, all speakers must remain within camera vision

Judging Criteria

Within The Mighty Oak® Public Speaking Programme we strive to source

adjudicators from varied walks of life.  Our judges panel includes people with backgrounds in:

Education, Public Speaking, Business, Management, Public Health,

Civil Service, Theatre, University Vice Chancellors, Finance.


In order to keep an even playing field, there are 

strict criteria for adjudicating. 
Click here to see the Judges briefing 

All skills are marked out of 5 




Eye Contact

Moving Speaking Space




Clear points 

Linking Points



All Winning Schools will be entered onto the Board of Honours

Click on the button “Awards’ to see how we award our speakers. 

**All teachers are invited to submit a 'Teachers Award' separate to the competition. 

This award is entirely at the teachers discretion and is for any pupil who has made significant progress 

in any area of the programme. (no cost) 

Click the button to enter the online competition.